Harris Chain Fishing Forecast – February 2024

February is the month that bass anglers wait all year long to catch huge 5 bass limits on the Harris Chain of Lakes. Successful angler catches are being made by finding schools of fish staged along offshore grass that is close to shallow water flats and spawning areas. With the up-coming new moon around mid-month and full moon on the 24th, plus our recent cool snaps – water temperatures will be sending the big females to answer mother nature’s calling.

Try your luck fishing with white spinnerbaits and bladed jigs. You can fish these baits near lily pads and other grasses. Baitfish hide near structure for shade and protection, and to ambush prey. Areas with hydrilla hold all sorts
of bait and bass. Try your bottom machine graph and look for deeper grasses that are near canals, docks, or bridges. Weightless flukes in white, copper field, and watermelon red are another bait to have tied on with this cooler weather. Twitch, twitch pause is the cadence that seems to make your bait dart back and forth. Lipless crankbaits in bright orange or chrome blue can really make for some fun days of fishing when they are feeding on baitfish. A yo-yo technique can trigger reaction strikes. Cast them out and vary your retrieve until you get bites then repeat. Topwater baits are a great way to get explosive strikes too. A walk-the-dog lure or popper or Evergreen Pencil popper are good to catch them. Check the canals all over the chain for the bedding females. Take care of these fish when caught and take time to release big females for the future brood stock.