Harris Chain Fishing Forecast – January 2021


Cooler weather is here on the Harris Chain. That means that baitfish will be heading to shallow areas in canals, pockets, and coves. Baitfish predators like bass and crappie are also looking to spawn in these shallower areas. Anything in a shad pattern will have an extremely high chance of getting bites. Soft plastic jerkbaits casted around lily pads can be a great tactic for finding hungry bass. Lipless crankbaits casted in areas with open water help you to find edges of submerged grass. When your bait gets caught in the top part of the grass, you can set the hook to free the bait – during that time you can cause a reaction strike. This is a way to get a few extra bites during your day of fishing.

Fishing bladed jigs are another way to find active feeding fish. Areas near Dead River are prime spots for bedding bass and crappie. A minnow on a bobber is a great way to find hungry crappie, use slip bobbers and vary the depth until you find specks. Don’t forget to drop your bait in heavy cover and wait for the bobber to pull down. Lift your bait and hopefully a nice one will be on your hook. Also spending time graphing offshore spots can reveal structure that have fish on them or areas you can try another day. This time of the year is fun because we have cool weather and less anglers on the water thanks to hunting season. I do have some days available for charters, checkout cprbasscharters.com for more information. Giving the gift of a fishing charter can be an amazing present for the angler in your life. Tight lines and happy new year!

Captain Mark Wyckoff