Harris Chain Fishing Forecast – July 2019


Something tells me it will be another hot month here on The Harris Chain of Lakes. Fishing for largemouth bass: they are in cooler water that is either deep water, or in areas around some sort of shade. Boat docks, bridges and along seawalls are prime locations to target for the bite. Also, structure such as Kissimmee grass, reeds and brush offer more areas to look at. It is hard to beat a spinnerbait or a lipless crankbait to use as a search tool to find active and hungry bass. Right now, you will find bream and bluegill at the peak of their spawn. These fish are a major food source for bass. Topwater plugs and poppers are an excellent way to catch some nice fish. The explosion of the strike is definitely something that will get your blood pumping. Another bait to try is a flipping craw. You can use them as a trailer on a swim jig or a bladed jig or even with a weight. Colors to try are white, gold or a black and blue. Throwing some sort of soft plastic bait should catch some decent numbers of fish.

Remember to pay attention to what you are doing when you catch fish or get a bite. Often repeating that can add extra catches to your day. Remember that it is very hot outside so stay hydrated. Be courteous to other boaters and enjoy the outdoors with friends and family. Hiring a Captain with years of knowledge and experience can greatly increase your odds of catching fish and or more opportunities to catch some fish. I do have some days available to book your own guided fishing charter. Remember that each trip is tailored to the client’s skill and ability. Details are on my website cprbasscharters.com.