Harris Chain Fishing Forecast – July 2020


Summertime patterns are turning on for largemouth bass. This time of year, fish big soft plastic worms 10- inch or larger to entice the big trophy sized fish. You can find many types and colors but try to stick with junebug or a black and blue. Try working these baits around deeper water such as dropoffs, points, ledges, and shell bars. Some fish stage along the drop-off but usually big ones are deeper. Another bait to try out is any sort of lipless crankbait in a ½ ounce size. Harris Chain fish have been liking the golden shiner or sexy shad color. Remember to make long casts and try different retrieves when fishing these types of lures. Topwater baits can really make for some fun fishing when a monster chokes your bait down. Word of caution wait a second to feel the fish before cracking ‘em. Hollow body frogs can be fished in and around areas of heavy cover such as lily pads, docks and other fish holding areas. Do not be afraid to make casts that other anglers would be afraid to make under a dock, boat ramp etc. Remember that bass can be caught with various techniques and in the same locations. So, if you caught some in previous years it would be a safe bet to try out the spot again. Another bait to try is casting a spinnerbait around some shallow cover. You can fast retrieve the bait and give it some slight stops to make the blades clack together. Check with Capt. Mark for available dates and book your own guided bass fishing charter on the Harris Chain of Lakes. Visit cprbasscharters.com for more information and fishing pictures. Tight lines.