Harris Chain Fishing Forecast – July 2021


Anglers are having luck in the Harris Chain – even with the heat this time of year. Fishing in cooler, deeper water that is near drop offs, ledges and flats can be a great way to find bass hiding from the hot days in July.

A ZMan Chatterbait with a minnow style trailer has been the real deal. Anything in all white, golden shiner, or green pumpkin colors will get bites. You can rip your bait through the submerged hydrilla which many times causes a reaction strike. Another bait that has been doing well is fishing with soft plastics. A Carolina rigged ribbon tail worm has produced larger bass, but you get fewer bites. You can make really long casts and use your Carolina rig to feel along the bottom for structure, grass and other bottom contours. A 1/2 ounce tungsten weight with a plastic bead tied to a barrel swivel is what Capt Mark uses. Also, you can vary your leader length so that if you are in deeper grass your bait will suspend above, where the bass can see it. Lipless crankbaits are best for covering vast areas of water in search of actively feeding fish. Remember don’t just cast and reel your bait in. A yo-yo technique can be deadly, also try a stop and go retrieve. Don’t forget, when we feel hot temperatures in the air, you can really catch some big bass fishing with a frog. Soft plastic or hollow body frogs are the ones Capt. Mark throws. Make long casts into fishy areas with lily pads, reeds, docks and seawalls. All are all high percentage areas – target bass in these places and you will catch some nice bass.