Harris Chain Fishing Forecast – June

Bluegills are spawning and that means easy pickings for largemouth bass too. Chatter baits, lip less crank baits, and soft plastic jerk baits have produced great results. Colors that look like a bluegill or bait fish are what I suggest. Something with green, silver and chrome are best. Bluegills bed around hard bottom areas with sand and shell bottom. I would make it a point to fish in the numerous canals and around islands. Try to look for areas with shade. This provides an ambush point for largemouth bass. Bluegills are a great fish to target for young anglers or people with limited experience. It is hard to beat a cricket under a bobber, a red wiggler, or a dough ball on a hook. Another area to look for is underwater springs that discharge into the lakes. The water visibility will be very clear, and you will be able to see everything under the surface. Schools of hybrid striped bass are a strong fighting fish. Lures I would use are a 1/8-ounce white hair jig, 1/4-ounce lip less crank bait, or an inline spinner bait in a chrome color. Minnows and medium shiners are also very good and can produce great results.

This time of year remember to bring extra water to stay hydrated, plus sunscreen, snacks, and a cellphone to take pictures of your catch. Also, do not forget safety equipment. Our sponsor at Lakeside Bait and Tackle has a great selection of baits mentioned so stop in and check them out. If you are interested in booking sightseeing or fishing charters for yourself or for someone as a gift, please let us know. Check out our social media pages for more content and recent catches: www.facebook. com/cprbasscharters and www. instagram.com/cprbasscharters. Visit www.cprbasscharters.com for rates, captain bio, and catch photos. Captain Mark can be reached at 352-636-6915, or via e-mail cprbasscharters@aol.com. Certifications – Firefighter, Emergency Medical Technician, and U.S.C.G 6 pack Captains License