Harris Chain Fishing Forecast – June 2019


June is here on The Harris Chain of Lakes and that means the bream and bluegill will be spawning. This is a great time of the year to take a kid fishing. Bluegill are feeding heavily on small insects and other creatures. Look for cat tails, lily pads and near boat docks and boat ramps. It doesn’t get any better than making lifelong memories with young anglers and a cane pole, bobber, hook, and can of red worms.

When you find bluegill spawning areas you will be sure to find some hungry largemouth bass feeding on them. This is a great time throughout the summer to try soft plastic frogs and hollow body frogs. Remember that when you get a ferocious strike to give it a second or two before you set the hook since plastic frogs are notorious for missing strikes. Another tactic to try is a plastic worm. Styles to throw are a ribbon tail, senko, fluke, or a trick worm. Colors to throw are watermelon red, June bug, or black and blue.

You would be surprised how much more productive you will be if you don’t change baits throughout the day. Rig four rods on the front deck and stick to your plan. Lastly a topwater walk the dog plug has fooled many nice sized bass over the years fishing. Deepwater ledges and flats near main lake points or near islands on the lakes can really hold some good numbers of healthy largemouth bass. Remember it’s hot out so don’t forget to stay hydrated and be safe on the water. This is a great time of year to book your own guided fishing charter. Checkout my website for more information and check the charter bass fishing pictures. Best times of the day to go fishing would be early morning hours or the afternoon into evening so you’re not in extreme temperatures – the bass like cooler temps too.