Harris Chain Fishing Forecast – June 2021


Summertime on the Harris Chain means bluegill will be heading to hard bottom areas to start spawning. June is a great time to mimic them because largemouth bass feed on them during this time of year. Hot temperatures mean that you will hear frogs croaking in canal areas. A hollow body frog or a soft plastic frog can really excite some amazing strikes. A Carolina rigged soft plastic worm can be cast very long distances but yet can help you feel the bottom, structure and vegetation. Also, a wacky rigged senko or trick worm has been the ticket lately on big Harris. Use a braided mainline in 15lb. to an 8- or 10-pound fluorocarbon leader. This setup makes for a fun way to catch fish, but many times catch big bass too. Watermelon red, black, and blue flake are a staple here on our lakes. A hard plastic jerk bait is a lure that not a lot of anglers throw for post spawn fish but is a great way to mimic baitfish. Another rig to try is a heavy punch rig. You can use a heavy tungsten weight tied to a straight shank flipping hook with a bobber stopper paired with your favorite soft plastic. Styles to choose are a crawfish or a creature bait. The different appendages flap when you drop your bait right into the thick matted vegetation. Be careful because this is an addictive fishing style. Captain Mark has some days available if you’re looking to book your own guided bass fishing charter on the Harris Chain. Make sure to check out cprbasscharters.com for more fish pictures, bookings, and outdoor content.