Harris Chain Fishing Forecast – March 2019


The spawn is still on all throughout The Harris Chain of Lakes. Largemouth bass and black crappie are still being caught in and around shallow water where the females of these species are bedding this time of year. Water temperatures and spring-like weather signal the fish it is time to reproduce. Please handle the large female bass with care, photo and release quickly and they will continue to spawn and restock our lakes.

Canals, pockets, coves, and points on each lake of the chain are a very ideal spot to target. Areas of the north side on the lakes are a good location to be on the lookout for spawning locations. Look for habitat around lily pads, these are usually found near hard bottom areas that game fish use to build nests and spawn. Don’t forget to look for sandy beaches along the shoreline and canals. A short distance from the shoreline you will find sandy potholes that are re-used by more than one spawning fish. Even downed trees and brush are other areas to look out for.

Lipless crankbaits, soft plastic jerk baits, and hard jerk baits are what I would have tied on my rods. Canal mouths that are on main lakes are a transition period the bass will either be in front of them or they would make their way in the canals to start looking to make the beds. The crappie bite has been very steady when using bright colored jigs and also minnows tipped on the jig. Under a bobber is something to try. When the weather is cold, they will stack up very tight to lily pads, so you could vertical jig them in between the pads, especially around new or full moon phases.

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