Harris Chain Fishing Forecast – November 2020


There is a massive feeding frenzy on the Harris Chain for the upcoming largemouth bass spawn. They feed heavily on small fingerling shad that head to shallow waters such as canals, coves and pockets. With cooler weather, the light jacket will be a welcome change in Florida. When the pre-spawn frenzy happens, tie on a squarebill crankbait. This will help you put together a nice day of fishing. An erratic retrieve can wear you out but works great. Soft plastic Jerkbaits are another essential you need to keep tied on one of your other rods. Weightless is the go-to angler’s choice. Spinnerbaits cast near shoreline cover catches good numbers. Chatterbaits rigged with a small swim bait trailer have produced as well. Cast to every piece of vegetation that sticks out from the bank and this time of year you’ll wear out some fish lips.

Cast lipless crankbaits as a search tool to find schooling fish near hydrilla edges and lily pad edges. Another good one – throw a one knocker to give the fish a different sound. Make sure to keep an eye out for feeding fish crushing bait or birds swooping down on baitfish. Polarized sunglasses are a must. This is a fun time of the year to go fishing in the Harris Chain. When you prepare for booking your own guided bass fishing charter make sure to check out cprbasscharters.com.

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