Harris Chain Fishing Forecast – November 2021


November brings cooler outdoor temperatures and with it comes cooler water temps. This is the beginning of the transition for the bass population. Bass will be moving closer to shorelines, Kissimmee grass, and lily pads near the flats or canals with deep water nearby. Fish will be feeding on small forage like minnows, bluegill, shiners and shad as they start to fatten up for the un-coming spawning mode. The males will gather in groups feeding heavily and become very aggressive. This time of the year I throw a lot of lipless crankbaits in 1/2 ounce size. Anything that imitates baitfish above you are more than equipped to catch something good. Another bait I tie on is a small swimbait you can use a 3 to 4 inch. These can make for fun times on the water when you catch schooling bass or hybrids. Another bait to try out is a bladed jig with a trailer attached. These baits put off a ton of flash and vibration and are very easy to fish. Make a long cast and slowly reel it in or fish it fast like burning it back to you. Another bait to use would be a hollow body frog.

Once you locate active fish, slow down and work that area thoroughly, there are usually others close by willing to bite. Once water temps get into the low 60s or so the top-water bite will get better. The first of the Northern blows will be coming every 7 to 10 days. Get out and fish the 3rd or 4th day after the passing fronts for best results. The big girls will start the spawning cycle late in the month near the Full or New moon phases.

Look for the Crappie bite to get hot as well nearest to moon phases. Jigs tipped with a minnow or a hook and bobber with a minnow are your best bets. Get registered for the Shad & Crappie Derby and catch this seasons’ winner. Best of luck!