Harris Chain Fishing Forecast – October


The Harris Chain of Lakes has been fishing very well for large mouth bass. Anglers have had great success in taking some time to plan prior to trips by using satellite maps and other fishing applications when scheduling trips. You’ll want to start in areas that have both shallow water, under 3 feet, very close to deeper water, around 10 feet. If you can find some heavy matted hydrilla, fish in the area with senko plastic worms and other types. When fishing soft plastics make sure to vary your retrieve till you start getting bites or catching fish. Subtle differences in retrieve sometimes are the way to go. Fast, slow, add weights – once you find the combination focus on the areas fish are holding. Also, do not be afraid of casting to a fishy looking area and just let the bait sit on the bottom for a minute or so (called dead sticking).

This tactic has worked surprisingly well. A small square bill crankbait has been a good primary search bait if the area can be fished with baits with treble hooks, where vegetation is deeper or near creek mouths and deeper water, etc. If there is a lot of grass, you can fish with a soft plastic jerk bait. Texas rigged has been another good producer. While you’re out fishing make sure to look for birds and other wildlife. Fish chasing bait around on the surface is worth investigating – match the hatch and throw the bait right where the fish are busting as soon as possible because if they got that bait, their friends will compete for your lure.

This is a fun time of year to be fishing, If you’re looking to book your own guided fishing trip please check out our website www.cprbasscharters.com for more information. Book in advance to guarantee that trip of a lifetime. I will be offering a discount on six-hour, eight-hour and fish till you drop trips for the month of October, don’t forget to ask about this discount.