Hello Again!

With season right around the corner, and that nasty bit of cold, we at Precious Waters are all hyped and ready. The stone crab season has been going amazing, best it’s been in years, 2020 is finally behind us, and probably most importantly the waters about to start warming up.
We are finally getting ready for the sun and fun that Florida is all about. Ready to trade those beanies in for bikinis (Captain Charlotte cannot wait). Excitement is starting to fill the air. The Alexandrite is prepped and raring to go and the crew ready and waiting. It’s been nonstop work throughout the holidays. Cooking, family, friends, crabbing, and some minor boat repairs (The crab boat, not Alex). As with every year we powered through and looked back and took time to reflect on the year, and what a doozy it was. Especially with one of our colder winters for the first time in a while.
Winter is always a tough time in the area, not quite as sweltering as summer, but it comes with its own issues. Less people, less warmth, less fun. Luckily, spring is right around the corner, and all our visitors will get to experience the wonders our amazing waters have to offer. (I was told I cannot make the same Precious Waters joke every article.) It will be the perfect time to go on a little cruise on water. See some dolphins, turtle, manatees and so much more. Maybe go fishing, or take a fun run, the Gulf is your oyster, and we are here to help you shuck it.
We are so excited for the families to return so we can show them the adventure of a lifetime. So as soon as that sun comes out, and that air gets warm, we all hope to see you lining up for the Alexandrites first real season. Until then, we will be here, getting ready to show everyone the most enjoyable experience possible. We cannot wait to see you soon, and remember, Your Adventure Awaits.
As always don’t forget to pick up the next issue of Coastal Angler, and see what the crew has been up to.