Helpful Apps

By Capt. Neil Eisner

Smart phones have made our lives easier over the years with all the apps available. There are many good ones for boaters and anglers. Here are a few apps which I find myself using all the time. The app I use the most is Navionics. This app will do it all when it comes to navigating a boat. It gives you all the data you’ll need; it even lets you mark a hot spot for the new fishing spot you just found. Make sure you get the US & Canadian maps. RadarScope will show you real time weather, how fast a storm is moving, what direction and lightning strikes. Fish Rules works off gps and keeps you informed on rule changes in an area you might be fishing, bag limits, sizes, and it will rate how good the fish are for eating. There are even pictures of fish so you can identify your catch. TideTrac or TideGraphPro, these two apps will help you with the tides and water movement. And last, Wind Finder will show you wind speed, direction and wave heights. I always add about seven miles per hour to their wind speed. Well that’s about it for my helpful apps.

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I’m your captain.

Neil Eisner