Hiamonee Plantation Rainbow Trout


by Galt Allee

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ot weather has delayed our bringing down trout this year. Terry Bramlett brings the first load of 400 lbs. of trout Saturday November the 30th. The second load of 400 lbs. will tentatively come on Saturday December 14th. We will be open for fishing beginning Sunday December 1st. The fish will be the same as before, a mix of very large Triploid Kamloops and regular Kamloops Rainbow Trout.

The rules will remain the same Fly fishing only with barbless hooks. Because we have some exceptionally large fish, please do not use a rod smaller than 4 wt. The bigger fish are too difficult to land quickly with a light rod and release with chance for their survival. Use as heavy a tippet as you feel you can get by with. Initially that will not be a problem but as the season progresses and the fish have been caught and released several times, they do get leadershy. Long shank hooked flies are easier to remove from fish without harming them. If you can possibly help it do not lift the fish out of the water if you plan to release it. A trout out of water for thirty seconds will almost certainly die no matter how quickly it swims off. Even with the best of care some of the bigger fish will die so I am going to ask again if you are going to keep a fish, please just keep one. The majority of the fish will be big enough to feed two hungry people and four not-so-hungry people. If you have a bleeding fish, kill it and eat it even if you have already kept a fish. Also if a fish does not appear to quickly revive then keep it, kill it, and eat it. The first year we did this we had a lot of dead fish from poor catch and release. Each succeeding year we have had fewer and fewer dead fish as everyone becomes more adept at careful release.

There will be a sign-out notebook in the mailbox on the dock as before. Please sign out and make any remarks pro or con. I enjoy reading them. The fish are costing considerably more than they did in the past but so far I am not going to change the fishing cost. Leave a check for $25.00 made out to Galt Allee in the box but cash will not be refused either. There are no bathroom facilities but there are some fair-sized trees in the woods to hide behind. Please carry out your trash.

We would like to be able to send you updates by e-mail. If you need to add or update an e-mail address please send Francine your address or print your name and e-mail address in the sign-in book. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I remain computer illiterate. If you have questions or concerns you can leave us a message or e-mail Francine.

We would appreciate your calling before you arrive as I like to know when people are coming. Also if the water is too warm to fish I will leave a message on our answering machine stating so or send out an e-mail. The gate on the road will be open twenty-four hours a day. If you would like to help with the draining of the pond in the spring let me know by leaving a note in the sign-up book with your name and e-mail clearly printed.

Tight lines, Galt Allee 13426 Meridian Road North Tallahassee (850) 893-7772 galtandfrancine@embarqmail.com