Hooked on Snook

By: Jessica Harris Hendrie

As the sun came up, the anticipation started for this little angler. A full day of fishing ahead. Can you guess one of his favorite fish? That’s right, snook! And to his surprise, he was about to have a day full of catching them back-to-back. As we all know, there’s good days and bad days of fishing. Lucky for us, Brayden doesn’t mind the small ones just as much as the big ones. He’s happy to just be fishing. From small ponds to the open ocean, Brayden will find a way to catch something. Pictured here, we were fishing with Mike Downs of Task Force Fishing Charters in Punta Gorda. Mike was a great captain and wonderful with B! Brayden was able to catch as many snook as you can count of all sizes! Not bad for a 7-year-old. We tend to find ourselves fishing more times than not but when you see the happiness it brings to your children, it’s like the first time every time. As the day progressed, Brayden started getting more and more snook. He also had his first barb in the hand, but he took it like a champ. The day finally ended, and it was time to go home with a boat full of memories and smiles. Until next time! Happy fishing.