Horseshoe Beach

January Horseshoe Beach


I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I love January here. Not only do you get to use all that new gear you got for Christmas but the fishing is on fire. The cold water temps will push all these fish in tight and the low tides will force them into certain areas and make them easy to target. Clean clear water also makes this time of year a site fisherman’s dream.

The redfish will be looking for a particular water depth. The water temp will stay more consistent in certain areas and that were they will stay. Once you can figure out that depth all you need to do is see what they want to eat. This can be a little harder than you think. I have had days were everything  I have ever learned has my brain telling me to downsize and move slow or vice versa and the fish want the exact opposite. This pattern will change daily. The one constant is that the redfish and trout will be bunched together and the same pattern usually works for both. One tip that will help you produce more strikes this time of year as well is to downsize your leader material. The crystal clear water will make it tough to throw any bigger leader. I would also use a push pole if you have that option. A trolling motor will end up spooking more fish. If I could only choose one bait for January it would have to be the Paul Brown Devil in chartreuse glow. This is a redfish and trout catching machine. It is a slow suspending walk the dog bait that has always produced big numbers for me in the fall and winter.

If you are coming to our area for the first time you really need to pay attention to the tides this time of year. This area is extremely shallow and you do not want to spend half your day beached or have to get into 50 degree or worse water to push your boat around. If you are interested in a guided trip please give me a call and let me show you around personally. Until next month have fun, be safe and take your kids fishing.


Capt. Craig Spitznogle