In the Kitchen with Jessica

By: Jessica Harris

Fishing holds a special place in my heart as well as cooking. I’ve always been interested in the Catch, Clean, Cook videos on YouTube to learn new recipes and new fishing and cooking ideas. The thrill of getting the fish and working for them combined with the excitement of getting to take them home to feed your family and friends with your own special touch in the kitchen is unmatched. The fishing doesn’t end when you dock the boat this way. This goes way back to when I was a little girl growing up fishing with my dad and grandpa and watching my grandma and my mom cook it. I love presenting the cooked (or uncooked) fish in a beautiful way to respect the fish’s life, too. A quote that I heard from Landshark Outdoors that has always stuck with me is “There are no trash fish, just trash cooks!” So don’t be afraid to try out new recipes with fish that some people may say is “trash” or “no good.” You would be surprised at how actually good they are if cooked and served properly! The more you play around and learn more in the kitchen, the more fun it’ll get. For example, when people think of king fish all they think is “oh smoke it or throw it away” well, if you plate it up from the grill with a nice teriyaki marinade, you probably wouldn’t even know it was king fish. Same with so many others. You just have to get the feel of how thin/thick to cut them and how long to cook them. This is a hobby of mine that I pray continues to flourish for years to come. My dad use to always say “let’s go catching!” So, I challenge you to keep your next catch (if legal) and find a fun way to prepare it. Good luck and happy fishing!