In the ZONE

In the ZONE

                          By Terry Lacoss

Finding a way to make a living in the outdoor world can be difficult, unless you are David Workman, Jr.  David without a doubt is one of the more successful fisherman and outdoor store owners in the southeast.  He has won three Southern Kingfish Association “Angler of the Year” awards.  He is an accomplished angler from catching freshwater largemouth bass to billfish.


Born and raised in Jacksonville, David began his career in the fishing industry by making fishing rods.  He had a small shop in their home and began his rod business as a young man at 13.


His love for the industry progressed and in 1986 he became a partner in C & H Lures.  He designed, developed and launched hundreds of lures to the market place during his time with the company.


In 2003 David and his wife Angela opened Strike-Zone Fishing.  Today Strike-Zone Fishing has over 10,000 products including more than 1,100 fishing rods on display.  They also have a complete inventory of hunting, kayak, clothing and fishing supplies from bass hooks to marlin reels.


Having written several articles showcasing David and his fishing adventures through the years I have learned a very valuable lesson.  Always take time to research your designated tournament waters before the competition begins.  David Workman, Jr. is the best angler that I know in accomplishing this vital tournament strategy.  David uses Roff’s water temperature charts to find where temperature breaks are located, making sure his  “Strike-Zone Fishing” team is fishing in the very best waters. It is also extremely important to have the right live and dead baits on board for the tournament days.  Without saying, David has the best tackle and gear . . . having designed the ever popular “King Buster” lures.

David Workman, Jr. has traveled all over the world fishing for a variety of game fish where his accomplishments are many and world-wide.  In addition to his three- time Southern Kingfish Association’s “Angler of the Year awards,” which landed him into the SKA “Hall of Fame” in 2007, he has also fished internationally chasing a variety of Gamefish.


In 2013, while in Guatemala fishing with Captain Brad Phillips, David and his wife Angela caught and released 182 sailfish and 450-pound blue marlin while fishing in three days!

Several kingfish ago our “Amelia Angler” SKA kingfish team was leading in the Angler of the Year competition when fishing in the John’s Pass SKA tournament.  During the first day of the event we weighed a twenty-pound kingfish and needed some help.

“Terry you need to go straight to the “Rocks”, I’ll give you the numbers, or you can follow me,” David Workman, Jr. said.“Long story short we were able to weigh in a 42-pound “Smoker” for big fish honors, however our team fell short 1.8-pounds for “Angler of the Year” honors.


The morrow of the story, David Workman, Jr. is one of the best I know in communicating with fellow fishermen.


David Workman’s “Strike-Zone Fishing” is the premier fish, hunt and paddle store in the state of Florida with two locations in Jacksonville and Melbourne. The Strike-Zone Fishing staff uses the gear they sell.  Therefore, they can offer great advise for the novice of the expert.


Also offering same day shipping for all your hunting and fishing needs.  Visit,,, 11702 Beach Blvd., or call 904-641-2433.