Indian River Lagoon Fishing Forecast – December 2023

December is the time of the year to sight fish in Mosquito Lagoon. Usually, the cooler weather thins out the grass and we usually have crisp blue skies after a cold snap allowing you to see them better. The fish are eager to eat, and they don’t move too fast in the cold weather which gives you plenty of time to make a cast to them. Redfish, black drum, and trout are common in the lagoon this time of the year. Use lighter tackle rods with 8# braided line and 20# fluorocarbon leaders. It’s a great time of the year to use artificial gold spoons or 1/8 oz. Mission Fishing jigs with any kind of tail you like. This guide uses use 3” Gulp shrimp most of the time. You can also use live shrimp on a 3/0 J hook, this works very well and typically in the wintertime the shrimp are bigger. We do not see too
much bait this time of the year so concentrate on fishing the grass edges and sand holes. If it is a cloudy day, pound the shoreline with lures until you get to a spot where you start catching them and then work that area real slow. They probably will not be in schools but will be hanging out together in the same area. This could include all species like redfish, black drum, and trout all together. The softer bottom is usually better in the wintertime, it keeps the fish warmer. The fish will go into holes on cold nights but when the sun comes up, they will move to the flats.

Tripletail fishing for the past several years has been good in the ocean when you can get out there. Use live shrimp with a 4/0 circle hook. Use 30# braid with 40# fluorocarbon leader and a light split shot to fish under the buoys. A 5/8 oz buck tail jig, any color also works well with a piece of stripped fish. You also have a chance of catching a cobia around the buoys. Troy’s tip of the month: On windy and cloudy cold days just stay home.