Indian River Lagoon Fishing Forecast – June

Transitioning into our summer weather patterns, calmer sea will allow those of us with skinny water boats to venture out off the beach in search of silver kings, smoker kings and much more. As we progress into June and seas clear up, ocean predators will push pogy pods (Atlantic menhaden) in close to the beach. Look for large tarpon, kingfish, sharks and jack crevalle to be shadowing these bait pods looking for an easy meal. For best results, try slow trolling live pogies in areas of active bait schools, especially if feeding activity is present. Typically, when you see concentrated areas of bait with birds feeding on the surface, big predator fish are just as active underneath. Species feeding on these pods include kingfish, tarpon, jack crevalle, redfish, cobia, and sharks. Netting pogies and slow trolling them on a Daichi circle hook tied to fluorocarbon leader works well. Adjust the size of your hook and the test of the fluorocarbon to match the predator. Add wire if the toothy predators cut off your leader. Also, tripletail and flounder numbers should be improving around the Port Canaveral buoys.

Early morning on the inshore flats look for trout and redfish up in the skinny water around concentration of bait and toss them your favorite top water plug. Focus your efforts between 5am and 9am, and in the late afternoon after the thunderstorms dissipate. Also look for schools of bay anchovies (glass minnows) in deeper waters. For trout and redfish on top water, I like the Rapala Skitter Walk and Storm Chug Bug, and then switch to the DOA CAL Shad Tail on a ¼ ounce jig in deeper water.

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