It Takes A Certain Kind Of Individual To Like Spearfishing

Captain Bill DAntuono with a beautiful hogzilla speared at Florida Middle Grounds.

By Bill D’Antuono:

Spearfishing attracts a certain individual. Thrill seekers, fish hunters, and aquatic enthusiasts seem to be drawn to this unique sport. For me, I had always loved being underwater and wanting to check off as many bucket list fish as possible and dive every spot. Spearfishing has lead me to meet great friends, witness unbelievable sights underwater, embark on epic adventures and eat some of the best table fare in the world.

Aside from the spearfishing aspect, divers get to see the underside of fishing spots most anglers never do. Diving wrecks are particularly intriguing. Our most famous wreck in Collier is the Baja California. Torpedoed by a Nazi submarine during WW2 in 110 feet of water, you can search for artifacts on this wreck along with trophy fish. The Gulf is also littered with downed shrimp boats. These always make for a fantastic dive and chance to land the big one.

SCUBAdventures’ annual trip aboard the Ultimate Getaway to the Florida Middle Grounds was definitely a bucket list trip. “The Getaway” runs out of Fort Myers, usually to the Tortugas, but we were in search of giant hogfish from the Middle Grounds, 250 miles NW of Gordon’s pass. If you are looking to step up your spearfishing game and have an unforgettable time, contact SCUBAdventures and we will happily assist you any way we can. We do several trips a year and travel all around the world spearfishing and SCUBA diving.

As for the rest of the summer, I will be running recreational SCUBA trips aboard our 30’ Dive boat. We will also be focusing on lionfish hunting as well. Stay current with your SCUBA credentials and give SCUBAdventures a call to keep yourself up to speed. If you are interested in getting under the water this summer don’t hesitate to give me a shout.