It’s a Numbers Game

By: Capt. Dave Stephens

Well folks, I have been waiting to write about spring showers. However, it seems all spring has been nothing but showers! This spring I have had a hard time pushing up into areas that I normally access for big snook this time of year. When Mother Nature has control it is going to happen, I get smacked in the face with all this wind and rain. So, there is always a plan B, is it the plan we want to follow? Probably not, but is it the one that gets the rods bent? Normally this time of year I have clients that love to fish for one fish. I know this may sound a little strange, but the one is a lifetime fish. These clients book our charters to fish for what we consider a trophy fish, or they want to target certain fish. When we have to change plans, I have been able to introduce these clients into what I call number fishing. It’s a pretty simple concept, the name of the game is numbers. On my charters we simply focus on numbers, and yes, we do have rules. It can’t just be any fish. Let me lay the ground rules out. All fish that’s considered a game fish are 1 point, fish such as snook, reds, trout, jacks and snapper. Fish such as catfish, lady fish and lizard fish are a minus one! So, the first minus you catch you take off a single point. However, if your biggest catch was followed up by a minus fish you lose your biggest. It’s a fun interactive way to keep people interested in a day on the water. You can make your own rules. It’s just a fun way to get everyone out on the water excited about fishing. Sometimes it should not be about the biggest, it’s awesome making it about the most. Oh, also remember, guess the one that can never be taken away? It’s the first, I always try to make sure my youngest angler always gets the first catch to the boat!

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