Its Prime-Time Tarpon Season

By: Capt. Greg Poland

And if you are not out catching the Silver Kings you are really missing the boat. The fishing has been red hot in everywhere up and down the Gulf. Whether you are standing on the bow being poled around with a hand full of chicken feathers tied to a fly rod or sitting in the shade under the bridge with a live mullet attached to a custom-built fishing rod the tarpon in my opinion is one of the best fish that swims in our waters. Tarpon can jump out of the water like an Olympic gymnast, they fight like a prize fighter and when the battle is over and the photo is posted on Instagram they can be released to fight another day. Another great fish we have been catching more and more of is the sawfish, and I have had a few caught over the last few months, however, if one jumps on your line please be extremely careful as not only are they an endangered species, but they can also inflict a lot of damage. If we are lucky enough to see one of these magnificent creatures, and it does take our bait, we are extremely careful when we unhook and release them back to go their way. Of course, a quick photo shoot is required! But Angler beware, I recently had a client out fishing on his own boat try to take a hook back from one that he had caught and he ended up meeting up with one of our local doctors at the emergency room. On the safer side of fishing, I hear the mahi mahi fishing has been heating up and I look forward to running offshore now that the weather is settling down for the summer months out so stay tuned for a Mahi report next month. Tight lines and I will see you out on the h20.

Capt. Greg Poland |