It’s Pumpkin Time!!!

Capt. Brian Boxx

Fall is in the air and the advertisements that make the girls go crazy are popping up all over town. Its pumpkin spiced moco-choco-what-knot time again and anyone who follows my articles knows that means one thing. Time to go to the proverbial pumpkin patch, time to shine the pennies, time to beat the red drum. Redfish can be targeted year-round here, but there is something about catching Redfish in the Fall that just sets it apart from the rest of the year. I guess it’s a seasonal thing for me, seeing pumpkins and Fall decorations everywhere just has my brain hyper focused on Red Drum. There is something to be said about the Fall weather, the crisp smell of the air over the glassy reflections of the flats, the acoustics of the decreased humidity. It all comes together to equal the most enjoyable fishing of the year.

Look for the Redfish to be working the flats and undercut mangroves during incoming tide. On the ebb tide focus your efforts on the deeper edges of the flats or pick apart the deeper cuts. Redfish can be caught on a wide range of artificial, or natural baits. When I am fishing the flats just about anything goes when I am targeting the mangrove edges, I try to use weed-less baits I can skip deep under the overhangs. All around it’s hard to beat a Wyze Guyz Tackle Bambino paddle tail rigged weed-less with a keel weight hook. A reminder that Redfish are closed for harvest from the Pasco/Hernando county line South through Gordons Pass, Collier County no sooner than May 31, 2021 due to impacts from the red tide event. I personally hope they extend that closure for another year. We have seen a great rebound in stocks just imagine what another year could bring. In the meantime, pompano, snapper, flounder, and sheepshead can keep your fish cravings in check. Keep in mind just because you can harvest a limit doesn’t mean you have to limit out every time you go fishing. Keep what you plan on eating in the near future then use the “out of fish” excuse to spend more time on the water. If you ever have any questions, looking for advice, or want to talk fishing reach out to me on Instagram messenger @ A_Salt.Weapon Catch you next month, STAY SALTY- CAPT. BOXX