It’s That Time Again

By: Eric Henson

It’s Tarpon Time everyone and this is generally the first time of year that I like to target this species. Even though I do catch them sometimes in the cooler months, they are generally more active during the warmer months.

When it comes to Tarpon there are two species, they are M. Atlanticus (Atlantic Tarpon) and M. Cyprinoids (Indo Pacific Tarpon). Tarpon can live up to 150 years and have been around since before the T-Rex was alive. Their large size makes them a true Jurassic fish!

There are many remarkable features when it comes to Tarpon which makes them the ultimate fish! They can reach lengths of almost 8ft. and weigh up to around 400 lbs.! They can be found in both saltwater AND freshwater spending lots of time as juveniles inshore and then heading out into the oceans throughout most of their adulthood.

Another cool fact is that they have amazing colorvision! They can see into the color ultraviolet spectrum even more than birds and insects. This makes them a bit tricky sometimes trying to fool them into eating artificial baits. That being said, it is still my preferred way to target them.

Last but not least, one of the coolest facts about Tarpon is that they can actually breathe in oxygen from their gills and oxygen from the atmosphere. They have long rows of long like materials in their swim bladder that allows them to do this. This is why sometimes you will find them rolling over and over on top of the water to get a breath of fresh air.

There are numerous reasons why these tackle testing fish are one of the most sought out fish, on the planet no matter the size!! Between their insane jumps, incredible eats, and only landing about 25% of the Tarpon that you actually hook, in my opinion, makes them the most fun and most humbling fish to catch in the world!

Looking forward to a great Tarpon season and hope to see you guys out on the H20! Stay safe and tight lines to all of you.