Jig Fishing in the Mangroves

By: Caitlyn Gatrell

Saltwater fishing is a great adventure, with every cast bringing the promise of excitement and new memories. Whether you’re exploring the serene shallows of inshore flats or delving into the depths of offshore wrecks, there’s a world of possibilities waiting to be explored beneath the waves.

Among the abundance of resources used for bringing in fish, jigs stand out as a popular choice for enticing hungry critters. With their vibrant colors, various sizes, and enticing styles, jigs offer an array of options to suit every angler’s taste. It’s no wonder they’re a favorite among fishing enthusiasts worldwide, both inshore and offshore.

Recently, I spent some time jig fishing while strolling along the inshore mangroves of the Ten Thousand Islands. One lure to standout in my tackle box that trip was the Redfish Jig by Gulfstream Lures. With its eye-catching white and shiny red design, it was proven to be irresistible to the predators of the mangroves. From feisty Redfish to spirited Jack Crevalle and graceful Ladyfish, it seemed like everyone wanted a piece of the action. Nearby fish were lured in by the jig’s quick movement and striking presentation, making for a fun day on the water.

When it comes to jig fishing in the mangroves, precision is key. We have to carefully position our vessel along the mangrove line, getting close enough to see the action but avoiding hitting the branches or scaring away fish. Once we’re in a good spot, I cast my line as close as possible and let it sink. I then employ a series of rhythmic bounces and pauses to mimic the movements of wounded prey, enticing nearby fish with every twitch.

Of course, navigating the winding channels of the mangroves comes with its own set of challenges. Oyster beds commonly lurk beneath the surface, posing a constant threat of getting stuck. But with a keen eye and steady hand, it’s easy to avoid them.

In the end, it’s not just about catching fish, but also about immersing yourself in the natural beauty of the mangroves. When I’m out there, away from devices and worries, it’s easy to forge a deep connection with the world around me. I bet plenty of fishermen can agree with me, especially those that fish inshore.

While you have the option of choosing between various artificial lures for mangrove fishing, consider jigs next time you go. The hard strike from a big fish that follows will be well worth it! So, grab your rod, tie on a jig, and enjoy the peace that jig fishing in the mangroves has to offer.