Jr. Angler: Aug. 2020

My Fishing Adventures

By Christopher Sprague  Jr. Angler-Team Tuppens, Contributing Writer

Christopher & his friend Max enjoying a day out on the ocean.

Hello Anglers, I hope that everyone has been staying safe and has been catching tons of fish! The day that I am writing this, I went out fishing with a good friend of mine, Max, who I have not seen in around 5 months or so. It was nice to see each other after such a long time, and awesome to get back out on the boat. We packed up the boat and headed out the inlet at about 8. Our plan was to go look for dolphin in the morning and then later snapper fish. We headed offshore in the Solace 345, which is such a nice boat. It has literally everything you can think of and is a very solid and well-built boat. When we saw the ocean, it was flat calm, not one wave, and everyone was so happy because it was BEAUTIFUL out. We headed offshore around 10 miles and found a bunch of weed patches. We started to just troll with ballyhoo and squid until we found dolphin. About 45 minutes in, we got a dolphin! It was pretty small, but it was dinner. Unfortunately, there was no other dolphin that followed it up to the boat. We set out our lines again and trolled for another hour and finally got another. It was a little upgrade from the previous one. We kept trolling for a few more hours, but with no luck we decided to head inshore. We set out some snapper rigs on top of a vermillion spot. After the first few drops, we did not have any bites, but then we switched rigs to a mutton rig and started to get more bites. Eventually we got some nice bites but got cut off before we got them to the boat. Sadly, we did not get any snapper, but we had a great day and an awesome 4th of July. Even though they were small dolphin, they were still dinner! My mom blackened it and made it perfect-nothing beats fresh dolphin!

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