June Fly Fishing Report

by Henry Cowen
For fly fishermen, June can be a very transitional month in terms of fishing in North Georgia. Based on this past spring I think it is safe to say that Lake Lanier striped bass fishing will be coming to a close as the water temps start to reach 80+ degrees. It is only a matter of time before the fish start to go deep for the summer only to return to the surface in end of October. With this spring’s crazy weather pattern the summer deep water bite seems to have started in end April rather than June.

For those wanting to pursue Lanier’s stripers in June, the south end will certainly be the area to concentrate on. Sinking lines will certainly be your best choice once the sun gets up. Low light can still get you a few bites tossing a Pole Dancer fly on a floating line or launching Super Spooks and Redfins on conventional tackle. After the sun gets above the tree line, it is time to start looking in the river channel off of long tapered points that kind of butt up to the deep water.

June is also the BEST month for topwater spotted bass on Lanier. Go to any point during low light and toss any topwater fly like a Gurgler, Flat Fred or Crease fly and enjoy one of the Lanier’s most fiesty combatants. If you happen to see some topwater activity, then try to toss your fly or lure into the melee as spotted bass are suckers to leave a bait to grab your artificial. This is just perfect for a six or seven weight outfit and this bite will continue throughout the entire summer.

North Georgia anglers can also look to June for three things: Allatoona topwater hybrids, Chattahoochee River striped bass and Hooch carp. Fly anglers need to decide where to fish based on weather reports. If the reports are for bluebird skies and light winds, then carp needs to be in your plans for the following morning. If the reports are for fairly light winds and overcast skies, anglers need to hitch their trailer and head up to Lake Allatoona where the hybrids might be knocking bait up on the surface in gigantic schools! This is one of the most fun fishing trips a fly angler can make in North Georgia. I am particularly fond of my Albie Anchovy fly for this fishing or a Somethin’ Else as a second option. Conventional anglers can fish the same fly by affixing it to a popping cork rig or using a casting bubble filled with water on their spinning rods. It is a deadly combination that is sure to put a few fish in the boat.

Finally, anglers can also start fishing the Hooch for either striped bass below Morgan Falls Dam or carp above Morgan Falls Dam. Fishing for stripers on the Hooch can be good anytime of the day, but I particularly like either the first three hours after sunrise or the last two hours before sunset. I prefer the northern breeches of the Hooch for river stripers early in the season.

Carp fishing should be fished when the sun is shining high for best visibility. Small crayfish patterns as well as Damselfly nymphs are going to be your flies of choice. If you have never sight fished for carp, you do not know what you are missing. They are a spooky combatant, but for those anglers liking a challenge, this is the game fish for you. June is simply put, one of the best months to fish here in North Georgia as anglers have many choices. Hope everyone will get out and give it a try. See you on the pond (or river).