Juno Beach Pier Fishing: Nov. 2020

By Amanda Moore, Loggerhead Marinelife Center Contributing Writer

Photo courtesy of Juno Beach Pier.

As fall turns to winter, beautiful weather and fishing can be expected this November. With mild temperatures and hurricane season behind us, the waters surrounding the Juno Beach Pier will host bluefish, Spanish mackerel, pompano, jack, blue runners, croaker, and whiting. Temperatures in the 70s and 80s make it easy to lose track of time while enjoying the outdoors.

Bluefish will be biting on lures and cut bait while Spanish mackerel will be interested in lures and jigs. Try bait and jigs if you’re looking for pompano and lures and bait for jacks and blue runners. If you’d like to reel in a croaker or whiting, use bait to attract them.

Remember to properly dispose of used monofilament lines in recycling containers located on the pier. Not only will this protect marine life from becoming entangled or strangulated, it is also important for the health of our ocean.

If you accidentally hook a sea turtle while at the pier, here’s what to do:

• Contact LMC’s 24-hour rescue hotline: (561) 603-0211

• Gently reel the slack line, keeping the turtle at the surface of the water so

it can breathe

• Wait for LMC’s arrival to help

The full-service Pier House features a snack bar, a variety of fishing tackle, including rental poles and bait. Before fishing at the pier, call the pier to hear daily fishing and weather reports. Follow the Pier’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates.

Randy Yent, Pier Coordinator

Juno Beach Pier (561) 627-8280 x140

Facebook.com/junobeachpier • Instagram & Twitter:@junobeachpier