Juno Beach Pier: March 2021

By Lauren Eissey, Loggerhead Marinelife Center Contributing Writer

Jake with a king mackerel.     Photo Courtesy of Loggerhead Marinelife Center.

Recently, our local beach was highlighted in Condé Nast Traveler’s article The 17 Best Beaches in Florida. Our sandy beaches located in close proximity to the gulf stream host clear ocean waters teeming with life. Over the next month, anglers should particularly monitor tide, temperature and visibility as the weather changes.

With spring on the horizon, marine life is beginning to swarm the pier. Last month, pier spectators spotted manatees, bull sharks, spotted eagle rays, and more. Anglers enjoyed the re-opening of snook season and catching king mackerel on the pier. When visiting the pier this month, anglers can expect to see Spanish mackerel, pompano, bluefish, jacks, blue runners, and croakers.

Jacks and blue runners are similar in that they both enjoy bait such as shrimp and can be caught using lures. Commonly found inshore and nearshore waters, especially along sandy beaches, pompano feed on mollusks, crustaceans, and sand fleas. Catch pompano using jigs on bait. To catch Spanish mackerel, use lures and jigs. Remember, these fish have a daily bag limit of 15 per harvester. Anglers hoping to catch bluefish are advised to use lures and cut bait, preferably oily bait. When fishing for croakers, anglers should use whiting and sand perch. For daily fishing and weather reports, call the pier house before your visit.

All anglers and spectators who visit the Juno Beach Pier are encouraged to dispose of used monofilament lines in the designated recycling containers and report any accidentally hooked sea turtles to the pier staff. As part of Loggerhead Marinelife Center’s (LMC) Responsible Pier (RPI) Initiative, the Juno Beach Pier practices sustainable fishing and recycling to reduce the amount of discarded fishing gear that ends up in our oceans.

Adult anglers interested in learning more about the pier’s conservation efforts, can ask the pier staff about beach cleanups, underwater cleanups, and LMC’s RPI Initiative. Young anglers eager to learn to fish can participate in LMC’s Kids Fishing Program offered weekly on Saturdays. Email reservations@marinelife.org to register.

Randy Yent, Pier Coordinator

Juno Beach Pier (561) 627-8280 x140

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