Jupiter Inlet Inshore: Nov. 2020

By Craig Korczynski Contributing Writer

John with a snook release.

Happy Thanksgiving anglers! Cool fronts will start to bring more comfortable weather. Water temperatures will start to cool down and predator fish begin to push into back bays, canals, and coves.

Brian with a juvenile tarpon

Snook fishing in Jupiter and Palm Beach will offer anglers steady action along seawalls, mangrove shorelines, and channel edges. Sight fishing on the flats is another option for those who enjoy watching the bite. A D.O.A. C.A.L. 3” Shad or D.O.A. 3” Shrimp presented in the right spot gets the drag screaming.

Night fishing is a great alternative for snook fanatics. Target dock lights with a D.O.A. Shrimp, Deceiver Flies, live shrimp, Crankbaits, and Topwater Plugs.

The crew!

Fall weather drives tarpon into back bays and canals offering excellent fishing for the silver king. Tarpon are prevalent inside the ICW, mangrove shorelines, docks, and deep passes. Live shrimp drifted with the tide is the best bait; but other baits like mullet, pinfish, and greenies work as well. Artificial enthusiasts, the deeper passes offer plenty of shots on D.O.A. Bait Busters or D.O.A. C.A.L. 3” Shad in Arkansas glow or ale wife with a jig head. Tarpon this time of year range from 10 to 60 pounds.

November offers great action for big jack crevalle on the ICW. Jacks will pounce on Rapala Skitter Walks or live bait in the vicinity of seawalls, docks, or open water flats. The jacks are schooling fish averaging 5 to 25 pounds. Battling jacks on light tackle or fly is something an angler will never forget, come experience the tussle yourself.

So get out there and get hooked up. Tight Lines!

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