Just Another Mahi Monday

By: Jessica Harris

With the new year finally here, came new goals. Fishing goals that is. Between bucket list fish in Panama to trips to Costa Rica, I am so excited for what’s in store. At the end of this month, I will be making my way to the beautiful Puerto Rico to fish their blue waters. Three days on the boat and lots of fish to catch. I cannot wait to share that story! With that being said, as we welcome February, the days may be a little colder, but the fish are always biting. As always, the tasty mahi mahi never fails to fill the cooler. Besides being a fun catch, I love, love, love, cooking what I catch! Especially mahi mahi. There are so many tasty ways to do it. My favorite has to be fish tacos or fried, or fish dip, or baked with coconut rice, anyways, I could go on and on. The photos above were taken in Fort Pierce on the Summer Girl and in Fort Lauderdale on the Goodhit. The South Florida fishing always delivers a good mahi mahi bite for me. Fish dip is also a staple recipe to have for your mahi mahi. Works well for a hosting dish, appetizer for a football game, again, the list goes on. Did I mention that it’s yummy every time? Because it really never gets old no matter how you cook it and your guests will always enjoy it. You will definitely impress them bringing this beautiful fish to dinner. Back to the photos. In Lauderdale, that cold front had them biting like crazy. I was also able to tag and release one which is something I enjoy doing any chance I can. In Fort Pierce, those fish were all that were biting. I was trolling for sooo long for the wahoo bite but wasn’t happening. And as I always say, the mahi mahi didn’t let me down once again. It’s also a fun catch for kids, too. My son loves the schoolies, they’re just his size. So happy fishing, happy cooking and have a wonderful month!