Kayak Fishing

by: Eric Henson

Although June can be one of the most grueling hottest months of the year, it can be quite productive if you start following the summer patterns.  With water temps rising this time of year, getting out on the water before daybreak can really make a difference in having an ok day of fishing to having an outstanding day! At daybreak I always start out throwing a search bait like a Yo-Zuri 3D Inshore Pencil “top-water lure”. These type lures help me locate the fish when it is still pretty difficult to see outside.  Also, it doesn’t get much better than hearing or seeing the explosion of a feeding fish. I had a client catch 90% of his fish on topwater last week and I was literally on the edge of my seat the entire day watching fish do backflips for the topwater lure!! Some days are just like that where the fish are primarily focused on eating baits near the surface. But generally, as the sun starts to creep up, I start to mix in some soft-plastics like the Monster3X Paddle-X or the new X-Tail.

If you are fishing for trout, look for them to be a little bit deeper than usual. They will be hanging out on drop offs and deeper grass-flats where the water temps are a little cooler. If you are searching for snook, most of these fish will generally be stacked up in the passes and on the beaches for their annual spawn. Keep your eyes open for pods of them to be hanging close together and don’t be surprised to run into larger schools as well. If you are hunting for redfish, they are getting fattened up to prepare before their spawn. And finally, if you are tarpon hunting, these fish are now everywhere from the backwaters to the beaches eating just about everything they can fit into their mouths around!

With the water temps getting hotter, the fish may be acting too sluggish to chase down a lure, don’t be afraid to slow things down a bit. Maybe even save one or two of those pesky pinfish or ladyfish to use for a little cut bait. Sometimes a piece of chunk bait on a circle hook can be the golden ticket!  Make sure to be safe, stay hydrated, and respect your fellow anglers on the waters at all times! There is plenty of water out there for everyone. Tight lines and Tight knots to all!

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