Kayak Fishing

by: Eric Henson

Whether you are fishing under a beautiful night sky that is lit up with stars or a giant full moon, fishing at night is one of the best ways to beat the heat this time of year! It’s also potentially one of the most productive times to fish during the hot summer. So here are a few tips!

People often ask me about fishing lighted docks at night. While I do enjoy it every now and again, however I would much rather simply fish the open flats at night. One thing I do highly suggest is a buddy system when fishing at night and always having the correct equipment to stay highly visible. Situations can turn for the worst quickly on the water and even quicker in the dark. Please do yourself a favor and be prepared for anything and everything as your safety is vital.

Lighting is clearly the obvious thing to bring out on the water at night but it’s better to have several different types of lighting. First, a good 360 degrees light on a pole above your head is most preferable. Not only does it help boaters see you, works as a secondary source of lighting for you to see your surroundings, but it’s the law, when on the water after dark. Second, would be a lightweight headlamp that has several settings. I like the ones with the red lighting which you can use when you aren’t using the main beam for tying knots, unhooking fish, etc. The red light is another way for boaters and your fellow anglers to see you. Lastly, a small handheld spotlight. This helps you not only see what is far in front of you but is also a way to signal boaters if they are getting too close!

Now, when it comes to techniques whether it is fishing structure, docks or out on the open flats, I virtually use all the same lures, baits, and techniques. The only difference when it comes to lures or flies, is that I generally throw darker patterns. I know it sounds counterintuitive but believe me they work!

I hope all of you get a chance to enjoy the cooler temperatures in the evenings and the serene quietness too. It is truly incredible how in-tuned your senses become. Listen to them and they will lead you into having an enjoyable night of fishing. Remember, stay safe out there and tight lines everyone.