Kayak Fishing

By: Eric Henson

Tis the Season! With Christmas coming this month, it is a good time to start making your Santa’s fishing list! The temperatures are cooler, so there are lots of other gear that can be used now that you may not otherwise use. Some of you down from the northern states may think this weather is nothing but this born and raised Florida boy can’t say the same. Therefore, I like to have myself well equipped for the season.

The first thing I suggest is to get a pair of waders. I know some of you may be thinking well the water doesn’t get that cold but, cold and wet is never a good combination no matter how cold it may be. I have had many clients over the years from some of the coldest places on earth say to me, Dang it’s cold, after they’ve gotten a little wet and the cold wind kicks in. Sometimes I even wear my waders when I don’t plan on getting out and wading, just for that simple fact of keeping myself warm and dry.

Second thing I suggest is a good rain jacket or suit. It doesn’t even need to be super heavy duty. Just so you have something that will repel the water and wind. Then you can always put as many layers as possible underneath to keep warm. Keeping your core warm is the key to success!

Last, but definitely not least, wear your PFD “Personal Flotation Device”. Not only will it save your life, but it will also add another layer of warmth around your core. Also, one last trick to staying warm is by putting Hot Pockets in your pockets, boots, etc. Those little things have saved me many days out on the H20 when I can barely tie my fishing line because my fingers are so cold.  Best wishes for the holidays and enjoy your time out there this season. Stay safe and keep warm!