Kayak Fishing

By: Eric Henson


April has arrived and the fishing is heating up! This time of year the fish are really gorging themselves to prepare for their pre-spawn. They’re also getting ready for the hot summer months where they will slow down and become more lethargic at times. Interestingly, fish behaviors mimic ours at times. For instance, when it’s hot outside we don’t really feel like doing much, it is the same for them and similarly when it’s cold outside. Currently, the water temps are perfect, making it a great month for using artificial lures. Even if you are not super confident in using artificial baits, this is the month to try and learn because they are fired up and you may not need as much finesse as in other months.

When it comes to my #1 year-round lure or if I had to only choose one, it would definitely be a soft plastic like the Monster 3X 4 3/4” Natural brown colored X-MOVE on a 1/16 oz. jig head. Not only is it extremely realistic looking, but the strength of the plastic is incredible! The less time you are having to fix/replace your soft plastic means the more time you actually spend fishing. Having your bait in the water more = catching more fish! Best of all, it looks like a perfect live “hand select” shrimp that you pay extra for at the live bait & tackle shops. Just about any game fish, any time of year will eat a live “hand-picked select’ shrimp if they are hungry!

Now, for my favorite lure, I definitely prefer some type of top water lure. There is nothing like the thrill of seeing a ginormous fish going ballistic swiping at it or blowing it clear out of the water an until it inhales your bait! Lures like the Yozuri Top Knock for saltwater or a Spro style frog for freshwater with a white body underneath are best and you absolutely can’t go wrong! Not only can they draw a reaction bite out of fish that may be stubborn but, they are generally a little heavier making them a long casting search bait.

Whether you decide to use live, dead, or artificial, just make sure to get out there this month because the fish will be chewing aggressively all month. Plus, the weather will have the last cool beautiful mornings that we will all be missing soon. So good luck and tight lines out there!!