Keaton Beach

Keaton Report March 2018

Winter should be behind us now; so with Gulf water temps holding in the lo 60’s trout will respond by moving into thick grass flats and begin to harass pinfish again. Shrimp will move up on to the flats around 65 degrees and with this added incentive (and opportunity) to feed expect fishing to crank up for March.

Hard Jerkbaits like Bite-A-Bait fighters, Bomber Long A’s, Smithwick Rogues and Cordell Redfins will take quality trout in areas of hard bottom adjacent to creek channels and troughs. Look for “color” in the water for best results and expect the bite to be on the last two hours of incoming and the first hour of the flop.

If these floater-divers are too quick, then toss MirrOlure’s MirrOdines Catch 2000’s or Paul Brown Devils at them and hang On!

Assassin soft plastic will take a LION’s share of trout on board One More Cast this month as I will rig up Elite Shiners, Sea Shads and 5″ shads both bounced on Assassin jigheads and combined with Assassin Spring Lock jigheads with Original Oval Cajun Thunders.

If reds are your thing look for mullet in waters 2 – 3ft. deep in the last hour of the incoming or the first 2 hours of the outgoing tide. Intruder Weedless spoons in Gold, and Copper are my Go-to baits when searching for reds. Once found, slow down with soft jerkbaits.

Live Bait, such as a live shrimp or pinfish rigged up under a Back Bay Thunder can be deadly on trout and reds when artificials aren’t bringin’ home the bacon.

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Capt. Pat McGriff dba One More Cast 28 years