Keaton Beach

2538 Doug Hardegree of Blufton, South Carolina with a nice trout October 5,2018
2550 Aaron Griner of Alapaha, Ga. with a nice red October 6, 2018
2561 Zack Bruchey of Moultrie, Ga. with a fine trout taken October 7th 2018

Keaton Beach Report November 2018 CAM

Hurricane Michael is slamming P.C. beach as I write this and my heart and soul is with them as they endure this storm. We will undoubtedly have some ill effects due to storm surge at Keaton; but we have been very lucky not to have taken a direct hit. I wish all the best and hope everyone is safe. Today is October 10, 2018. update, it is now 3:00 p.m. day of and it appears we have only had three or four feet of surge at Keaton which is inconvenient but not catastrophic. Nothing like what Hermine did here so far, if we get no more water on the back side of this bugger.

My trout fishing in October has been “Outstanding” so far, as we have taken limits of trout on every trip for five straight trips and caught my charters their one red, apiece, the last few days we fished. The water temps have been as low as 81 degrees; yet were 89 just a week ago. We continue to take trout from 4.0 > 5.5 feet of water on the incoming tide. We have also taken nice trout on Assassin 5” shads in Croaker Shad, Limetreuse Ghost and Stinky Pink and on Assasssin Sea Shads in Acid Rain, Chartreuse/White ( a brand New Color) and Sweet Pea.  We have caught them up and down ( as we used to say on the VHF radio) which meant either with a Cajun or without.  The rest of our fish have been caught using live pinfish under Back Bay Thunders.

November should be a whole different story. Better than October if you can imagine that. Gulf water temperatures will dip into the seventies and that will spark some of the best plug fishing of the year. Topwater stickbaits: SheDogs, Top Dogs  Skitterwalks, and Zara Spooks will all take great fish now as will lipped hard jerkbaits like Bite-A-Bait fighters, Cotton Cordell Redfins, Bomber Long A’s and Smithwick Rouges to mention a few. I love fishing with flukes, as I call them, Assassin 5” un-weighted Shads , “jerkshads” to some manufacturers; and November is the time for this method of fishing. Once the pinfish slow down such that they don’t nip at everything that moves (usually around 60 degrees and lower), the un-weighted fluke fishing reigns supreme.

Reds had just begun to take up residence on some of their usual haunts ( bars, humps and rockpiles) in shallower water than we caught them this summer and that trend( after the storm waters recede) should continue in November. Weedless spoons like PTI’s HEX spoons in Gold, Copper and Cajun Copper will shine up some reds in November, as will Thunder-Spins in Gold and Copper.

Meanwhile, Let’s Go Fishing!
Pat McGriff dba One More Cast guide service for 28 years!