Keaton Beach

Keaton Beach – March Fishing Report

2213 Soft plastics like this Assassin “Butt Naked” Sea Shad will take good trout in March 
2297 Reds will eat Gold and Copper spoons like this HEX spoon in copper 

If current weather trends hold we should be wide open with trout and reds when this issue comes out.

Our fishing at Keaton has gone From Great to Nothing and back to Great as fast as the fronts could go through yet the Best has been spectacular
albeit brief feed periods usually lasting an hour maybe two for the entire day on days with high tides late in the afternoon!

March will see a few more fronts pass but the water temps should have come up into the high 60’s or low 70’s by then
and that should stabilize the trout once we can hold 70 degrees overnight.

Trout have been happy to hit lipped jerkbaits like Bite-A-Bait fighters Bombers, and Cordell Redfins once the water temps hit 65+ degrees in the afternoons. Suspending
baits were the rule until we got there a week or so ago. MirrOdines, Catch 2000’s and Paul Browns were the deal the last of January and the first few days in February,

Choose your baits accordingly and if you are on a warming trend with temps in the hi 60’s toss lipped baits, otherwise take it down to them with gravity and use your suspending lures.

If the 70’s hold I imagine live pinfish under Back Bay Thunders will take trout in late March.

Reds have eaten Intruder Gold spoons, suspending baits, and soft plastics and I would guess that will continue in March.
Reds should be out of the creeks and roaming the flats looking for food by mid-March.

Meanwhile, Let’s Go Fishing!
Pat McGriff dba One More Cast guide service for 29 years!