Keaton Beach

Keaton Beach: Best Bet April 2019

227 Capt. Pat with a typical March trout taken in the middle of a week of limits! 
753 A nice flounder decided to take a lipped jerk bait away from the trout! 

Dang! Trout fishing is just “off the chain” as the kids say with such an incredible “Bite” when it is on. That bite has been on the last hour of the incoming and the first hour of the flop most every afternoon this past week. (today is 3/12) We started, last week, with a cold front that pushed the water temps down to 57 degrees; so we limited out in an hour and a bit throwing Paul Brown’s evils in the #11 pattern.

April will be Outstanding! It usually is; as water temps holding in the 70’s bring all the species we expect to see on the flats out for the party. We already had a shark take half a trout from Bob Hafner, of Perry Fl.  fishing with me Sunday. We also saw blues and one Spanish. Trout will attack all the topwater stick baits and floating baits you wish to throw. Most everything will draw strikes and larger sow trout will begin to show up more often as they move up into the shallows feeding for the spring spawn. Concentrate on depths between 3 – 4 feet once the schools of pelagic baitfish show up from the south. Live Pinfish will become the mainstay of bait choice on board One More Cast in April and we will fish them under Back Bay Thunders with 30 lb. TrikFish leaders. I spool up with TrikFish 10 lb. Game Green line for my live bait rods which are Star Rods model SG817FT76 and use TrikFish X-Rated co-polymer (dark green) 12 lb. line for my artificial bait rods, with a Star Rods model SG614FT70.

Redfish will begin to show up in greater numbers and please anglers tossing HEX Intruder weedless spoons in both Gold and Copper. These reds will also eat jig spinners like Precision Tackle’s Thunder-Spins, Red Daddys and Redfish Magics. I prefer Assassins Sea Shads in Texas Roach, Space Guppy, Copperhead , and Chicken-on-a-Chain for my tail choice on my Thunder-Spins.

Meanwhile, Let’s Go Fishing!
Pat McGriff dba One More Cast guide service for 29 years!