Keaton Beach

Keaton Beach – December Fishing Report

Photo Cutlines: 
104529 Matt Williams of Dallas, Ga. with a nice red caught 10/25/19
120747 Clay Jackson and Grandpa , Johnny Jackson, both of Opp, Alabama with a true “daily double: of reds 11/9/19
100031 Slade Williams of Tallahassee, Florida with a fine 24” trout taken 10/26/19 

Trout fishing was scorching until this last cold front and then the keepers went into hiding mostly as water temps went from 83 to 61 degrees in three days, then crept back up to 74 as of this afternoon( 11/11/19)

We had four trout over 24 inches long on one trip 10/25 for the Cook/Williams trip and two over 24” long for Robert Cross of Shelman, Ga. the day before! Folks, That is some more Great trout fishing! Then we had a 25 inch trout for Johnny Jackson of Opp, Alabama, Saturday, in 61 degree water.  All of these trout, except Johnny’s came in on live pinfish under Back Bay Thunders and were all caught in water less than three feet deep.

Plug fisherman have had some relief this week as last week’s w-i-n-d blew a lot of floating grass out. We are promised another hard blow from the Northeast again this week, so look for plug fishing to vastly improve by the time this issue is out. Gulf water temps should continue to drop and would be ideal if they settled in around 65 –70 degrees by the first of December. Look to fish live shrimp under your Cajun or Back Bay Thunder in December, as we have already begun to fish them this week. However if the water temps drop below 60 degrees; I would expect to be fishing with MirrOlure’s Catch 2000’s, Catch Jrs. Catch 5’s , MirrOdines, SoftDines and Paul Brown Devils and Originals. All of these suspending baits will take fish in cooler water when trout just aren’t willing to take a live shrimp any longer.

We have caught a lot of fish on Assassin’s plastic this week including trout, reds, Black Sea Bass, flounder, and a 20” grouper who thought he’d get in the act with the black sea bass. Butt Naked, Money, Salty Chicken, Pink Ghost, Fried Chicken, and Stinky Pink patterns have all yielded great fish these last few weeks. The Sea Shads, and 5” Shads have been my best catchers.

Meanwhile, Let’s Go Fishing!

Pat McGriff dba One More Cast guide service for 30 years!