Keaton Beach

Keaton Beach – February 2020

Trout continue to bite, so far, in January as water temps keep skipping around 60 degrees and trout are taking topwater, hard Jerkbaits such as Bite-A-Bait fighters, Cordell Redfins and Ripplin Redfins and Assassin plastic rigged up un-weighted on a 5/0 offset worm hook.  L&S’s Paul Brown Devils and SoftDines are taking trout as well especially when the water temps drop down below 60 degrees.  2.5 – 3 feet of water seems to be the key to happiness.

Look for these trends to hold in February if water temps will hold up above 60 degrees. The open flats were as hot as could be over the last three weeks (today is January 13) but this doesn’t mean folks aren’t catching fish in the creeks after the hard cold snaps.

Our trout at Keaton were still out there in the open Gulf and the bite seemed to be the best on the last two hours of the rising tide and the first hour of the flop. A decent breeze has been a necessary component to a successful trip as well, as our waters were “too clear” most days since we have been without any substantial rain in the last few weeks.
Reds have been scarce out on the flats of late; but are most likely in the creeks and wanting a live shrimp or a synthetic bait.

February can be a tough month early and rebound nicely the last week. Keep an eye on the water temps and choose a three or four day warming trend to enjoy Keaton Beach in February.

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