Keaton Beach

Keaton Beach Fishing Report: January 2018

2006  The NEW “Halloween” color from Assassin took this fine trout for Billy Pillow on the 3rd cast trying the bait.
1983 Vick Rifle of Clermont Fl. with a nice trout


Well, now that we have past the Brrrrr months “Octobrr, Novembrr, and Decembrr” we find January staring us in the face as if to say? what about the “airy” months? “Januairy & Februairy? Well if current weather trends hold it will be cold and windy as today, December 9th, the air temp is going to 29 degrees tonight for a low of the year and the water temps have crashed into the mid 50’s already. The W-I-N-D is supposed to match today’s 20K again tomorrow so look out.


If water temps come back to low sixties, upper 50’s expect an abbreviated “bite” of an hour, maybe two, near the creek outflows during the first part of the outgoing tides in the mid-afternoons. Otherwise, the creek creatures will catch some trout sitting around waiting for the shortened “bite:. Not my cup of tea…anchored …ducks in a barrel… a circus of boats coming and going; running all over your set-up…. and all that …you see.


It is now the time of year for the soft suspending baits from L &  S ( MirrOlure) the Paul Brown series including the “Devil” the Original, Fat Boy, and now the Soft-Dine and Soft-Dine XL. I have my favorites in all of them; but I don’t go without the Soft-Dine in 09, 49 & 91 or the Devil in 09,11 & 96.


Fish with line sensitive enough to feel the taps or light strikes in the colder water. I use TrikFish co-polymer “X-rated” line in 12 pound test for the smaller diameter, abrasion resistance  and the low stretch feature the X-rated products provides me.


Reds will show up on the flats occasionally in January after several days of warming trend; but expect most to stay back in the creeks. Intruder spoons, Thunder-Spins and Sleighs will take their share of reds when the bite is on.


Stay Warm.

Meanwhile give me a ring of email and Let’s Go Fishing!

Pat McGriff dba One More Cast guide service for 28 years!