Keaton Beach January Fishing Report

Keaton Beach: Fishing Report  January 2018

Photo Cutlines: 
2632 Blake Odom of Opp, Alabama with a great Speck caught on a Bite-A-Bait fighter in the “clown “ pattern. 
2626 Nolen Jackson of Opp, Alabama with a fine speck caught November 17, 2018 

Fishing can get tough when the Gulf’s surface temps dip below 55 degrees; which is where they have been most of this week. (today is January 10)

You need to catch the sunny days with mid-day hi tides so the afternoon falling tide will bring warmer water back to fish just outside the creeks or rocky flats adjacent to the creeks. This warm bath energizes fish, which might otherwise just watch your baits as they pass by.

SLOW is the key. S-L-O-W so that the fish which are at or near their coldest operating speed (55 degrees) will have time to see your offering, adjust to it and bite it. Many times the only bites you get in January come in the first ten seconds after your cast. This is a sure sign that the fish aren’t moving towards your bait; but rather you must cast to them and they aren’t willing to move/chase after a bait, but rather attack it as it comes near enough to them.

Now is when the suspending soft baits such as the Paul Brown series made by L&S (MirrOlure) are your best bait choice. The “soft” feel seems to catch more cold fish and they hold on to it longer, on the bite, and you can add scents which help to convince the trout or reds to believe in your critter.

The Paul Brown Devil is certainly my favorite and I prefer several colors, but it seems everyone has their own favorite color patterns. The #11, 95, & 09 are but a few of my picks for January. My second choice would be the Soft-Dine in either size. Just throw them both and let the fish make the choice for you.

If water temps come back up around 60 degrees in January then by all means fish the original “hard” MirrOdines in both the size #17 and the #27.

I catch a bunch of fish on the # 51M  MirrOlure which is simply a forward “Pull” modification of the original #52M. The 51M shines best, though for me, in water over 4 ft. in depth and in water temps above 55 degrees as well.
I guess you could say that January at Keaton Beach is a MirrOlure kinda Month.

Meanwhile, Let’s Go Fishing!
Pat McGriff dba One More Cast guide service for 28 years!