Keep Them Sharp!

Nice black grouper and mutton snapper caught with Bouncer’s Dusky 33.

That is the best advice you can get to catch more fish. We are of course talking about hooks.

Today a lot of our light wire hooks come chemically or scientifically sharpened. We take them out of the box and tie them on. Usually this is great, but from time to time a hook comes through with a incomplete process.

Bouncer's Tip of the Month

Big hooks, mostly cadmium plated come with pointed points, but not that sharp. For them you need a flat steel file stored in a oiled file sheath or wrapped in an oiled rag. You should shape the hook from barb to point in a triangle or diamond shape. Sharpening the sides of the point is as important as sharpening the point. Be careful not to create a very fine point, as it will fold over against the jaw bone of a big fish.

Whether sharp out of the box, or after you sharpen your hook, be sure to check your points frequently. On many occasions we have checked a hook and found the point gone from electrolysis or from hitting the boat while casting or hooking fish.
Keep them sharp!

P.S. Shame on me! We were tarpon fishing one night and I pulled a new rubber shrimp from the package. My mate tied it on the line. Then the angler jumped about half a dozen tarpon within a couple of casts. On inspection, the lure was found to have a plastic tube over the point of the hook installed by the manufacturer.

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