Kissimmee Chain of Lakes Fishing Forecast – April 2021


The bass spawn is almost finished. Fish are still spawning out toward deeper water. As the shallow waters warm up, the bass will move out deeper and to cooler water temps. That will be the last of the spawn, now it’s time to go to artificial baits. On my most recent trips I have been throwing Zoom Magnum Vibe worms in watermelon seed, green pumpkin and June bug colors. They are either Texas rigged, or Carolina rigged. Senkos are also hot; the bass are hitting them like no tomorrow. Look for open water hydrilla patches with no algae on top. Any type of water flow from wind or current around vegetation are good areas for success. I have been seeing schools of small shad being chased in open water – use Rattle Traps in silver/blue to catch the bass.

Pan fish bite has been getting really good. I’m finding spawning red ear sun fish in two feet of water. They are some of the toughest fish pound for pound that I have ever caught; some big ones are being landed weighing up to 2 pounds! The bluegills are also spawning in shallow water. Beetle Spins or live crickets are the bait of choice. Crappies have moved back out to open water. The Alligator Chain has been really good for open water crappie fishing. Check the edges of the holes and look for suspending fish.   Ron’s Zip Jigs tipped with a minnow is the bait of choice. Fly anglers can take advantage of insect hatches, kayaking and fly fishing the edges of the lakes can be very productive.