Lake Burton

by Wes Carlton


Water temperature: 61 degrees, lake level: full pool, clarity clear.

Walleye: The walleye have started feeding better, and we are now catching fish with some size to them. Most of the fish seem to be congregated on long points that have good access to deeper water. I am starting off the day trolling small crankbaits up shallow in the 6 to 14 foot water depths. Clipping long points and brushy bank lines have been producing the better fish. Casting a blueback herring or jerkbait in the grass along the edges of coves has been working well. This pattern should continue over the next few weeks.

Brown Trout: The smaller trout seem to be piled up in the creek channels. A small Rapala Countdown or spinner (silver) has been working well. We caught two nice brook trout this week on Lake Burton. These fish are absolutely beautiful! Most of the bigger brown trout are close to the main lake channel. These fish are feeding on the schools of bluebacks that are moving around the lake. Look for the bait and the browns are not far behind. Casting a small spoon towards these baitfish will certainly produce some big brown trout.

Bass: The largemouth have finished spawning and are finally feeding again. We caught some huge fish this week with the average size being 5 to 6 pounds. Most of the largemouth are feeding up shallow early in the backs of the creeks along brush and trees. White crankbaits are working well. After 9 am or so, move toward the 14 to 16 foot range and work a Senko or Ned Rig on the bottom. This is where most of the bigger females are.

Yellow Perch: Get ready. We have been catching some monster yellow perch the last two weeks while bass and walleye fishing. The perch will start congregating in the grass flats near creek channels soon. Good luck!