Lake Burton

by Wes Carlton

Water temperature: 63 degrees, lake level: full pool, clarity: slight stain.

Bass: The bass bite has been good the last few weeks. Most of the bass have finished spawning. We have been catching some really nice post-spawn female spotted bass. These fish are real hungry and have been feeding most of the day. We have been catching a lot of them on jerkbaits and underspins tipped with white flukes. This pattern should continue for the next couple of weeks unless the water temps rise rapidly. An early summer pattern may be in sight soon with the unseasonably warm weather we’ve had this year.

Trout: The brown trout have left the creeks and are all over the main lake channels. Try trolling over long points or main lake humps. We have had good success lately with small perch patterned jerkbaits trolled at 3 mph in the 20 foot depth range. These fish are very healthy this year, and we have caught some big browns the last few days. This bite should continue for the next few weeks. Look for the fish to be a little deeper as we near the end of June.

Good Luck!