Lake Jackson

Lake Jackson catch
Lake Jackson catch

by Brian Lee

Water temperature: 63-68 degrees, lake level: full pool, water clarity: stained/clear.

The bass are in full swing of the spawn. With the warmer than normal temps, the fish have started to spawn early. You can catch bass in different stages of pre-spawn, post- spawn and spawning fish. Search baits on main lake points and secondary points will fill the boat as the fish make their way to or from spawning areas. Find a good spawning cove and drop the trolling motor.

Spinnerbaits will produce a lot of fish at this time of the year as these fish make their journey. Flats with stumps and rocks will have a lot of fish cruising looking for a spot to bed. April is also a good time to throw topwater as the fish have gotten aggressive with the warming water temp. A shaky head or Carolina rig on points will catch fish as the sun gets up in the day.

Till next month tight lines and remember take a kid fishing so they too can enjoy the outdoors.